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At Pelican Waters Early Learning Centre, we aspire to our vision of providing babies, toddlers and children with the best possible start in life. We believe that all children have an innate desire to discover, make sense of and learn about their world. At our Early Learning Centre, we know that children learn best in an environment that is safe and nurturing where they can engage with their surroundings, explore and express their authentic selves.

Our passion for providing quality education has driven us to create a state of the art, premium Childcare and Kindergarten Facility that exceeds standards in traditional long day care service delivery and quality practice.

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Our People

Pelican Waters Early Learning Centre is committed to employing highly qualified, passionate and enthusiastic early childhood professionals. Our dedicated team possess a deep understanding of how young children learn and provide a curriculum that delivers a holistic, engaging and exciting program.

We value our educators and understand the integral role they play in your child’s development and wellbeing. Our staff hold current CPR and First Aid certificates and adhere to the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Our staff have a passion for and commitment to lifelong learning. Ongoing professional development training for all staff ensures that educators are abreast of current research and remain inspired and motivated.

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Our Community

Our beautiful Pelican Waters Early Learning Centre logo features a stunning Pelican calmly gliding through the water. Located in a picturesque seaside community, with a lively Pelican population, these social birds are a symbol of friendship, play, nature and exploration, all elements which are important to our Early Learning Centre.

At Pelican Waters Early Learning Centre, we value parents as the child’s first teacher. We also understand that beginning Childcare, Long Day Care or Kindergarten can be overwhelming for the whole family. Therefore, we pride ourselves on continually going above and beyond to ensure your family’s journey into Childcare is a magical and memorable one and will always be a key priority for our team.

To help achieve this, we've created a community hub which gives families the opportunity to connect, contribute and relax in a beautiful environment. The hub provides an invaluable support network where parents can build lasting relationships and foster ongoing partnerships with the learning community.

At the centre of our community hub, is a state of the art parent lounge which offers families the opportunity to connect with other parents over a complimentary coffee made to order by our Barista with freshly baked nutritious treats. Parents can catch up on the morning news, prepare for the day ahead or simply relax knowing their child is happy and safe.

Pelican Waters Early Learning Centre celebrates diversity and values the rich cultures and heritages that each unique child and their family bring to our learning community. We are committed to working collaboratively with our families and the local community to ensure our children are given the best possible start to their learning journey.

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Nutrition plays a vital role in childhood development. Active, growing bodies require excellent nutrition and our menus have been created by our Qualified Chefs with this in mind. Our menus are specifically prepared to ensure that children are offered a wide range of delicious, healthy meals that meet at least half of the daily nutritional requirements needed to fuel little bodies for play.

Our Qualified on-site Chef freshly prepares nutritious meals and snacks daily that will entice even the fussiest of eaters. As part of their learning journey, babies, toddlers and children will learn how to make healthy food choices and come to understand the importance of nourishing their bodies.


We recognise the importance of our role in guiding children to protect and cherish our natural world for all to enjoy now and in the future. This has laid the foundations for the eco-conscious design of our premium early learning centre and innovative play spaces.

Using only high-quality, sustainable materials, our magical learning spaces invite children to explore and investigate their natural world. With a focus on beautiful outdoor play areas, bountiful gardens and natural materials, children of all ages will be inspired and delight in their surrounds.

As children learn by example, our educators actively promote and participate in caring for our natural environment. Through our curriculum and sustainable surroundings, children will develop an appreciation and love for the natural environment in which they will flourish.